Want A Career In The Arts? Be Yourself

None of us are perfect…I know, shock horror right?  

Once we accept this fact, we can realise, how simply being ourselves is awesome for us and our careers. Everyone wants to see what YOU can do at an audition or when you are writing a script. Of course at an acting audition you are playing a role, but don’t go to it with a mind frame of will they like me? Instead go to an audition and just enjoy it, as it could lead to further work, see it as an opportunity. 

OK, you may not be the greatest dancer the world has ever seen, but so what? You may be an amazing actress so highlight this fact, put yourself forward for roles that demonstrate this. Once you focus on all the positive attributes you have and can offer this industry, you will have such a wonderful peace of mind.

Everyone has their own quirks which make them induvidual, that’s such an important quality in the arts, to stand out, be different, thus making an impact. Revel in being yourself and realise being you is one of your greatest acheivements, so show it off to the world.

Finally… Remember to smile, it makes such a big difference!


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