Did Someone Mention Looks? 

It seems to be groundhog day, when it comes to this subject. I just want to say a massive congratulations, to all my fellow female creatives in our industry, who make it what it is. This article is about the perception of looks, being a factor in females getting ahead in the arts and media.

“She only got that because of her looks”

We know the above statement is of course not true, but why have we all heard or read it? Ignorance? Misogyny? Being a gossip?

Truth is, there no definitive answer, different people have differing reasons. It’s because of pure injustice and outrage we want to know why both males and females seem to highlight this quite bizarre reasoning. Of course, males also get this “getting ahead because of their appearance” label, but females it seems it ooze natrually to bring up their appearance and choice of outfit, as a matter of reflex.

The fact we are expected not to make any sort of objection to this unfair assesment, because we wore a dress above the knee when we performed in that concert or went to that meeting, is ridiculous. Well, all of this is ridiculous really isn’t it? It’s 2016.

The best thing to do in any situation, is to smile. Smile because you know you are good at what you do and work hard. It doesn’t matter what a contrived view of a small minority, have of female creatives. Just keep doing what you are doing every day and be kind.

Remember, it’s your career and you love what you do, how many people can say that?


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