Creatives, Be Kind To Yourself 

As creatives, we do have a reputation of lamenting, Ok moaning, mostly, because we worry about what we do. This is of course a generalisation, as we do spend a lot of time too, expressing our joy at a concert we have just performed, or a play we are working on, that we are excited about. On the whole though, we are too harsh on ourselves. 

Give yourself some credit! 

What you do is not easy. We are our own entity and the work we produce comes back to us, in terms of judgement. We say it doesn’t matter and we do what we do for ourselves and our audience, but everyone to some extent worry about being judged. In the grand scheme of things, this seems silly, why worry about something that you can’t change? People will always judge, just do what you do and not worry.

Reflect on your achievements 

What is reflecting? Well in this case it’s looking at your recent achievements and smiling about them, being proud of them. Be proud of yourself. We like others to be proud of us, but lets start with being proud of ourselves. This is quite simplistic in approach, but so effective when applied to our lives.

These two points will really help you to give yourself some slack, credit, whatever you want to call it. Go on you deserve it.


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