You’ve Got That Dwelling Feeling…

I wish I had just….NO stop right there!

We all have days where we dwell, yes dwell, as it is a very melancholic word and conjures up a storm filled day, where we just can’t shake that feeling. When we feel like that, it’s hard to focus on being a creative, performing, writing. We of course “get on with it”, as we feel we have to, but our mind is full of those wrongs, rather than the rights in our lives.

What triggers feeling like this? Everything. I say that because there is no definitive answer to why, anyone feels reflective and well, sad. Realise though, everyone does at some point. If everyone was happy all the time, it wouldn’t leave room to know what being joyful feels like.

It makes it that little bit more difficult with what we do as artists, to shake it off, when we just feel like just listening to Celine Dion, mid to late ninties power ballads on loop (amazing songs by the way). My answer to helping break the hypnotic reflection, on things you can not change is….

Motivate Yourself

What is your next project? Who would you like to work with in the future and what have you acheived recently? Ask yourself these questions. It will help you to refocus on the positives rather than whatever is playing on your mind right now.

There is no quick fix to stop thinking about how you wish you could change the distant past or recent past, who ever says there is, will be telling whoppers.We all do it and never feel ashamed not to feel OK, in the Arts we need to encourage eachother, to know that. Be kind to You and don’t push yourself on those days, you are feeling stuck in a rut. Focus on the future and all you have to offer it.


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