Feeling YPTS? We All Do

Yes, you sit there in your fleece pjamas, eating jaffa cakes with a big mug of tea and start pondering… I wish I was five years younger. If only I looked like that, who really wants someone like me when there is a much more attractive and successful version out there?! Familiar? This is what is known as YPTS

Younger, Prettier and more Talented Syndrome 
I am certain that everyone has suffered from this affliction on many occassion, unless you are a robot. This is nothing to be ashamed of, as we all have times of self doubt and think that anyone that wants us professionally or personally, can do a whole lot better. How can we compete with someone who appears flawless in every way, with so much talent that they are literally the ideal, the dream? 

Social media doesn’t help, we see endless filtered selfies that make others look so well, perfect. No one is perfect, we are all human and have insecurities, never lose sight of that. So what if someone has a glowing CV and been in every classic play under the sun? Who is that botherered, if that video on Youtube is of a Maria Callas reincarnated? These people have no direct influence on your life, so focus on you.

Remember You have unique skills no one else has!!! If you are overlooked for someone who is seemingly all these things of YPTS, please remember this fact. They do not have your individual skills and character. Learn to appreciate what makes you stand out from the crowd, rather than why you think others do. Have faith in you and not rely on others approval. 


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