Loyalty? Everyone Wants It

In our lives and our Arts industry, we crave loyalty. Not petty, cliquey loyalty, that is so prevelant around us, but real loyalty shown towards us and our career.

Loyalty, what is it? It is knowing someone or a collection of people, respects you enough to want to give you their full support, ‘have your back’. This is not an ideal, it is something everyone wants and can be a reality, although, in contemporary society it is rare.

Here are short definitions of loyalty from individuals in all aspects of our life, we choose to have around us (excluding family members). These are of course just personal opinion, rather than gospel.

The Arts

Someone who believes in you 100 percent and what you are capable of acheiving, with your skills and goals anything is possible and they will champion you. These people know what you can be, even when you can not. To have a constructive adviser on your career is so vital.

A Partner 

Pretty much the same as the above, but also will have belief in you when they know you are wronged. Who will stand by you through the harsh times, as well as the good and make the grey skys always seem blue (that sounds like song lyrics in the making). They will hate to see you hurting and want to make the world a better place for you.

A Friend

This person will always be there for you, will listen and not judge you EVER. OK they probably do very often, but who cares? They are there for us when we need them. A friend makes you smile and laugh, they don’t expect anything in return. These are precious gems in your life, always remember that.

A Pet

In a lot if ways the most loyal of them all. Loving and affectionate, not to mention always there to listen too. Always appreciate the loyalty your pet gives you unconditionally, it is beautiful.


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