​New Year, New You? Appreciate Who You Are 

As the end of another year approaches, the whole concept of a new year’s resolution, is something that we put upon ourselves. Especially in the Arts industry, we want to acheive so much, which is great for morale, but we can lose sight of all wethe have achieved already and who we are. This of course can be said for everyone, every year we say we will make that change, but do we? No. This really is because of self-imposed pressure, that is so unnecessary. Let’s stop, starting right now.

Here are some tips for alternative New Years resolutions, that will hopefully make you feel so much more content with yourself (and that is the main priority).

1. Look back at the last year, think of five things that you have achieved that have made you proud of yourself. Even just thinking of one, will bring a smile to your face. This will encourage you to build on this triumph in the year ahead.

2. Start thinking about what you want. What do YOU want from your life? Rather than worrying what others want from you, make sure you are getting what you want from life.

3. Enjoy the results of your years triumphs, if you got that role, then look forward to it. Work hard and revel in it, you deserve it!

4. Stop focusing on the negative, of course learn from mistakes but do not dwell. Dwelling never helps any situation.

5. Be kind. Always. This is to others as well as yourself. We are all in the Arts together and we need to support each other.


7 thoughts on “​New Year, New You? Appreciate Who You Are 

    1. I love this because it is so true. All of us need to put more focus on the positive. New years it seems like we all look towards our negatives and what we want to change, like losing weight. It would be nice to focus on more acheivements.

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