A Smile Masks A Thousand Words In The Arts

Make a cup of tea, start your day and then it starts…the smile. The smile that masks a thousand words, that are unsaid. The smile that everyone thinks you are so lucky to be wearing. Why wouldn’t you be? You do a job you love, you aren’t constricted by one with set hours, life is a peach..isn’t it?

It’s when that giant crane digs up the earth, it finds underneath the foundations of that smile we all us on tap as performers, writers, creatives. We use it as a mechanism, to keep us going and keeping up appearances, a sort of Hyacinth Bucket surburbia style. We will say we don’t do this, but ultimately we all do it.

We need to be open with each other, that we all don’t have the perfect life we seem to so often radiate, not by a mile, not even close. It is almost as if it we feel weak or a failure, to admit when things aren’t tickety boo. In the Arts, let’s be open and listen to others, make us realise we are all in this together, for better or worse and need to help each other out.

Why don’t we tell each other how we are feeling…deal?


7 thoughts on “A Smile Masks A Thousand Words In The Arts

  1. So true. When exactly did life become so peachy? It’s a sad indictment of today’s social media society that creatives so often feel crippled by comparisonitis, plastering on that daily smile is the only way to compete, nay survive, in a culture of perfect picture and saccharine status. It takes courage to buck the trend. I’m with you!

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  2. I see it all around me everyday. I decided I can’t keep pretending so I keep my head down, mouth shut do my job and smile if its genuine – boy that started the rumours but I really don’t care, I won’t win the popularity contest but at least I will feel real.

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