What The Term “A Living” Means In The Arts¬†

The main thing in life is to be happy. The phrase ‘a living’ refers to what most of us do to earn money, but it also means so much to us in the arts. Our work is our life, it’s the way we live, a part of us, like an organ in our body. This life brings us joy.

We are happy as artists, when we are being creative and watching our working take shape. To be able to make a sustainable living is to which we all aspire, whether it’s through all our creative avenues, or just one or two to support other projects, such as a new play we are writing or acting in a Fringe work, that is not paying a substantial fee. 

Living means every moment of a creatives life is full with ideas, content and projects we want to develop. This is not an exaggeration ( OK perhaps a little one), but our life is definitely so much more than 9-5 and we don’t just earn, we live it! 

And as always, have a lovely week and don’t forget to smile!