Be Bold, Fearless And Creative

I haven’t written an article on Frantastic View for a little while and I have definitely missed it (hopefully you might have too?!). As well as missing writing on my blog, I decided to restart writing articles, as the comments and messages from you my readers, about my articles and my career, show that in some small way I can inspire. This makes me overjoyed, that I make a difference, as everyone who says I inspire or have given advice that has helped them, makes me very happy indeed. In the Arts industry, we should all be helping each other, kindness is vital, along with being supportive. 

With this sentiment, I have chosen the three words of advice in the Arts, (along with kindness, which is a given).


Yes, if you want to create something but have absolutely no idea what you are doing…REMEMBER none of us do most of the time. None of us have all the answers, so never feel embarrassed to ask advice, or have a long research and development period. Approach that creative, you want to work with, take that risk, the worst they can say is no, right?


Unless you try you will never know, who likes what if’s? I can’t imagine anyone does, so don’t let fear of the unknown stop you from performing that role or writing that play. Believe in yourself, or what you can achieve, it can seem an alien concept sometimes, but when we do, great things can happen.


Just simply be you.