Relax and Replenish…Make Time For You

Sometimes, you feel that you have come to a point where you are lethargic, frazzled and extremely tired, in both mind as well as body and start to panic. I can’t be tired, I have so much to write, rehearse, promote..

Sound familiar? I have a feeling it does. We all feel we have to be on auto-pilot in the Arts as every second counts. It is not the end of the world, to take time to relax and do absolutely nothing, for at least a couple of hours. Trust me, I know it will feel odd, when it seems you should be sorting out everything under the sun, but it is VITAL to make time for you.

Here are three ideas on how to unwind and relax:

1. Read or listen to an audio book you have been meaning to, for what seems like forever.

2. Listen to music, in fact listen to your playlists that make you smile.

3. Pamper session– I am talking the three F’s- a facial, favourite food and favourite film.

Hope this has helped inspire you to have some well earned you-time, please never feel guilty for putting yourself first once in a while. 

Remember, being kind extends to yourself, as well as others.


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