Self Validation In The Arts

What is it we all seem to want in the Arts industry?

In my experience, it’s feeling a sense of validation, of having your own niche. Even if you are someone who works in multiple areas of the arts, you want to create your own identity. But this begs the question, are you then worrying about what others think of you? The honest answer to this is yes.

We all spend more time than we should, wondering what others think about our work, not so much the audience of course, but our peers. Yes, those people you pretend have no effect on your work and there are no comparisons made by you, between them and yourself. For some reason we think everyone is so concerned with what we are doing, when in reality they really don’t. They are more concerned with finding their own place in the Arts.

So what if an audience didn’t give you resounding praise for your play? That should not mean you are less enthusiastic about the piece of theatre you have created, in exactly the same strand as if the feedback was very positive. Nurture your work and make the play the best it can possibly be. This can be said for ourselves, we need to give ourselves the same care.

The validation we need to focus on, is mostly a self one. This one we need to look at in detail with ourselves, how can we expect an entire industry to feel a sense of belonging within it for us, when we aren’t comfortable with ourselves as an artist? We need to be at peace at who we are and realise our worth, that we are irreplaceable in the arts, we are unique.


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