IARA Awards: Symbolising Equality And Diversity In The Arts

Now in its fourth year, the IARA Awards-International Achievement Recognition Awards, are the accolades that signify the real Arts industry. They recognise artists from a range of genres and actively promote equality and diversity. A British founded awards organization, that celebrates excellence on an international scale, the IARA Awards are unique, with categories ranging from Best Playwright to Best TV Presenter.

The IARA Awards website reads:

We strongly believe that by celebrating, rewarding, raising awareness and empowering people committed to bringing about change; together we can start a new chapter with equal opportunities for everyone.

This ethos is why I am so delighted to be covering the IARA Awards on 2nd September for Frantastic View, as innovation and creating your own path in the Arts industry is so important. Change is what’s needed to make our industry a fair one, with equal opportunities and to make us grow as artists. This is what the IARA Awards stand for-making an impact by rewarding hard work and talent.

Here are just some of last year’s winners…

Tanya Moodie- Best Actress 2016 ( RSC Hamlet )

Joshua Kane – Best Fashion Designer 2016

Atiha Sen Gupta – Best Playwright 2016

Charles Venn – Best Actor – TV or Drama 2016

(All photos courtesy of the IARA Awards media team)

With thirty-one award categories this year, well known performers such as Amber Riley and Scott Malsen, join emerging category nominees such as Ethan Le Phong and Seraphina Beh in the list of artists being recognised in their fields.

For a full list of the 2017 Nominees and the 2016 Winners visit http://www.iara-awards.com/

Frantastic View will be bringing you all the highlights of the IARA Awards 2017 (there will be many) from it’s nominees, winners and guest presenters. The awards ceremony take place 2nd September at Stratford Town Hall from 6pm, tickets available on the awards website (as above).

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