Role Models: Aspire not Compare 

Everyone has someone that their teenage self wanted to become, when they grew up, usually someone who you saw as the pinnacle of their field..and usually someone ‘famous’. Yes, I was convinced I would one day be Audrey Hepburn the actress, the style icon, the legend, Barbra Streisand the legend, the voice…the list went on.

Once you get older, you unfortunately fall victim to a sense of pressure, to be that person when you reach a certain age. This dawned on me while having a conversation thread on ageism in the Arts industry, with mostly fellow female creatives on good old (no pun intended) twitter. We see successful artists such as Adele or Beyoncé for example and think Oh wow I have achieved nothing as you are all in the same age bracket. Please don’t think this, true is you have achieved so much, you don’t even realise it!

The truth is everyone is different and I know it’s a cliché, but it’s true. We all achieve different things and at different times in our lives. Someone might have what you perceive to be the ‘perfect’ career aged 35, but they have still so much more they can do in another thirty-five years. Everyone has a different path and no two careers are identical so why compare?

If you are going to want to look up to someone as a role model, then it would make more sense, to make it someone who has had a long and steady career, perhaps 60 plus in age. A person who has worked consistently and is still working, that’s someone you want to aspire in the Arts-Meryl Streep and Barbra Streisand, are in my opinion, the epitome of a long distuinguished career. 

Of course the two women I have given as examples are very well known in the industry but there are so many other females consistently working, that we know not much about, they aren’t in the media spotlight and have worked in it for many years. They are true role models, unsung heroes who work hard and are pillars in our artistic community. Let’s start celebrating them!

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