Always Make Time To Check-In On You

We spend so much of our time as creatives, wondering about others. Wondering what the audience thought of our performance, what that director was thinking during our audition or what our peers are achieving (the list goes on and on!), that we often forget to simply think about ourselves.

I am not saying that we have to not consider those around us, as kindness is always needed in the Arts, but instead channel all that energy, on making time to check we are OK. What I mean by that, is we need to take time and effort to assess how we are coping, with the unpredictable, but exhilarating life we lead as artists. By essentially ‘checking in’ on ourselves, we are able to see if we need to take further time out, to de-stress and recharge our batteries.

Everyone is unique and of course have different ways of taking time to relax, chill, unwind and different names for it! I’ve given tips on ways to unwind in previous blog posts, but this is more of an encouragement to recognise when you do and act on it. We all know when we are tired and getting stressed, but a lot of us also try to ignore it, because we feel we don’t have time and have unending things to get done. Please don’t ignore it, take time for you as your mental and physical well-being is so vital. You are vital.

Be kind to you.💜


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