Feel Beautiful Inside And Out

We all have those days, where we wake up and don’t feel our best. If you are feeling like your mo is missing your jo, perhaps you’ve not landed that role you set your heart upon, or you just feel in need of some YOU time, then here are some tips, to help you feel beautiful inside and out:

1. Have a pampering evening

This means clear your diary if possible, put your phone on silent and relax! Surround yourself by your favourite bath and body products ie. face mask and body lotions…indulge! Talking of indulging, have your favourite snacks on stand by and read that new book or watch a DVD. Enjoy!

2. Write a list of goals

What do you want to do in your life that will make you happy? Not just in your career but life in general. Being happy is so important and making goals to achieve this, can be so helpful for you to find focus. If you want to write a new play then do it! Life is for living and the possibilities are endless.

3. Smile

Sometimes you really might not feel like it, but trust me, a smile has the power to lift your mood. It is a small act that makes the biggest of changes to your life, as well as others. A friendly smile can also make the day of those around you, so what you waiting for? Start smiling.

Hope this has inspired you and as always have a beautiful week 💕

IARA Award Winners 2017

The 4th annual IARA Awards took place on the 2nd September, at Stratford Old Town Hall, in London. Celebrating equality and diversity in the Arts industry, on an international scale, the IARA Awards are certainly integral accolades. 

This year the big winner everyone is taking about, is Terry Pheto who won two awards, including Best Actress 2017! Rent the Musical also won two awards, including Best Theatre Director for Bruce Guthrie. 

Here is a list of the winners below:

Best Actor 

ANTHONY BOYLE (Harry Potter and the Cursed Child)

 Best Actress

TERRY PHETO (A United Kingdom)

Best Emerging Actor

OLISA ODELE (E4-ChewingGum)

 Best Emerging Actress


 Best Actor in TV/Drama 2017

JAMES FLOYD (ITV Good Karma Hospital)

 Best Actress in TV/Drama 2017

 TERRY PHETO (BET Nelson Mandela)

 Best Young Actor in Film/TV/ Drama


Best Young Actress in Film/TV/Drama

KIRAN SONIA SAWAR (Murdered By My Father)

 Best International Actor

OC UKEJE (The Arbitration)

Best International Actress

Nse Ikpe Etim (Tess)

 Best Male Stage Performance

Adam J Bernard (Dream Girls)

Best Female Stage Performance


Best Dance Act

LUKE AHMET (The Creation)
Best Theatre Director

BRUCE GUTHRIE (Rent the Musical)

Best Choreographer

LEE PROUD (Rent the Musical)

Best Playwright

JOHN O’Donovan (If We Got Some More Cocaine I Could Show You How I Love You)

Best Original Screenplay


Best Short Film Director


 Best Director – TV or Drama


Best Feature or Independent Film 2017


Best Fashion Designer

Joshua Kane

Best New Music Act


Best Music Album


Best UK Music Artist 2017


Best UK Afroabeat Artist


Best African Music Artist


Best FM/Radio Station


 Best UK FM/Radio DJ

DJ ACE (BBC 1xtra)

Best TV Presenter

SCARLETTE DOUGLAS (Channel4 A Place in the Sun)

Best UK Reality TV Star 2017

SANDRA MARTIN (Channel4 Gogglebox)

Best Web Series 2017

Hood Documentary by Tyrell Williams & Kayode Ewumi 

Guest Blog-From Actress And Playwright Felicity Huxley-Miners

Being the Change You Want To See

Victoria Sadler’s stark article on the lack of female playwrights makes for troubling reading: http://www.victoriasadler.com/2017-in-review-the-lot-for-female-playwrights-worsens/

The bigger theatres aren’t programming female playwrights. Promises are being made and not kept and people want to see more diversity across the board on stage and in the wings of all our theatres.

I’m not allowed into the important rooms where important decisions are made in these venues. Yet. But what I do get to see is female playwrights creating, being pro-active, hustling producers, pedalling their work and writing even if no-one’s going to listen.

I’ve seen an uprising of small theatre companies calling out for female playwrights, female directors, stories from BAME artists, gender-blind and any-ethnicity casting. This online community is coming together, supporting and encouraging one another, sharing, recommending and generally being so positive. It’s a world away from the trolling and bullying reported on every day in the press and the competitiveness that can sometimes consume the most competitive industries.

The arts, and freelancing in general, can be such an isolating experience, especially when work is thin on the ground and everyone else is absolutely definitely doing so much better than you, that an online support network can be such a fabulously important resource.

So much of our lives are now conducted online; for most freelancers it’s an essential way of self-promotion, maintaining working relationships and networking that we can’t do without it. In this anonymous cyber-space environment filled with keyboard warriors and the eternally offended it’s incredibly reassuring to see the support and generosity of a movement of people (yes, men too) working towards a united goal.

And what a ridiculous goal. To have roughly as many female playwrights as male. Roughly as many women on stage as men. Roughly as many BAMER artists both on the creative team and cast.

Many of the big theatres (I’ll leave you to define ‘big’) are pledging to start evening out this balance in 2, 5, 10 years. Why? What’s wrong with now? It seems that the fringe, the small companies, the ones who didn’t get funding, the regional venues, the do-ers, the self-published and self-produced, the crowd-funders, the one (wo)man shows, the risk-takers, the unconventional, the don’t-fit-in-your-boxers, the forgotten and the unheard are boldly leading the way into new territories, producing innovative, exciting art and reaching those who need representation on stage. Those who need a voice. Then hopefully the audiences and the massive, resource heavy, funded theatres will then follow.

But in the meantime go online, look at those doing it for themselves, look at the words of encouragement, the empowerment, the brilliant ideas and collaborations and be encouraged, if not by the theatre, then by the resilience, determination and the spirit of those who are going to make it happen.