Frantastic View Has Been Nominated For A Blogger Recognition Award

I am very overwhelmed, as well as extremely humbled, that my blog Frantastic View, has been nominated for a Blogger Recognition Award by and would just like to say a huge thanks for this nomination.

I started Frantastic View in 2015, originally as a theatre reviewing blog, but I soon realised as much as I enjoyed reviewing, I was being asked to guest review on other theatre blogs, so I wanted to make Frantastic View something more personalised. It was apparent, there weren’t too many blogs that were writing about life in the Arts and trying to inspire other creatives, so I wanted to show other artists that they weren’t alone and had support. I’ve written a range of topics on self validation to pre-show snacking! This year I also introduced a guest blog series from a range of artists from Lucy Basaba to SallyAnn Fellowes, with wonderful articles aimed to inspire.

Advice I would give to new bloggers is find your niche and stay true to yourself! If you want to write about something, then do it! If your blog article is about your evening of eating pizza and watching Strictly, then do it, that’s your truth and to be honest a lot of readers will probably relate!

Bloggers I would like to nominate: This theatre blog is so supportive in its reviews and conducts such wonderful interviews with theatre makers. Such a supportive blog, with artists from a range of different genres featuring on it from stage to TV, making it very unique and exciting. Theatrefullstop are such a theatrical powerhouse whilst maintaining a platform to new writing and emerging artists. This blog is also a champion of new theatre writing and are always maintaining a positivity. This Stuff Is Golden is a mental health blog, that has articles on a range of inspiring topics we can all relate.


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