Keeping Your Body And Soul Warm This Winter

Late Autumn and now with Winter approaching, can be a busy time work-wise as a creative, what with concerts and panto to name just a few! As well as working, we need to make time for ourselves and to enjoy this time of year, as well as a festive break- if you can’t at Christmas when can you? This means looking after yourself so you can do both, as being under the weather, is just a given for this time of year, so take extra care of yourself. Here are some tips to enjoy this Winter and to be kind to your mind and body.

Hot Drinks

Who doesn’t like a nice warm hot chocolate or a trusty cup of tea? Keeping yourself warm and hydrated is important, so why not have a herbal tea or a hot water and lemon alternating with your favourite latte or frothy hot chocolate. Herbal tea is packed with antioxidants and will leave your throat less dry than normal tea, not to mention many are caffeine free, which is a bonus.

Wear a Scarf

There is no real point wearing a cosy coat, hat and gloves if your neck is all bare. Be snug and warm, look after your throat as it needs a lot of TLC. If you are a singer/actor you are constantly using your vocal chords…so give it some attention!


I know it’s midnight, your phone is flashing and you want to check social media to see how many retweets your most recent tweet received or to look at cute baby otters (maybe that’s just me), but you will thank yourself in the long run for focusing on sleeping, as it is so vital to keep you alert, healthy and feeling your best.


Nothing beats a good book, a bubble bath or just a walk to appreciate nature, remember, the best things in life are always free. Whatever you do to clear your mind and unwind, then do it, relax.

Have a beautiful day and as always, be kind ❤️