The End Of Another Year…Reflect And Be Kind To You

With just over two weeks until New Year, at the time of writing this article (yes I know there is Christmas to come yet), I wanted to write about the transition in to 2018.


I know that entering another year, can be a time, where we, especially as artists, can analyse what we have achieved. In fact, as human beings we do that- everything should have fallen in to place, but it has not. Christmas is a time that can remind us of things we are missing in our lives and the New Year approaching, seems to magnify this.

To boost our own morale, let’s write down one thing every day until the 31st December, that we are proud to have achieved in our lives this year. Remember nothing is too big or small, this is something personal to you and is intended to be a list, that on the last day of 2017, you can look at and smile.

It may be performing that song, you’ve always wanted to sing to an audience, for the first time, or cooking that intricate recipe, you’ve always held back on making. You will surprise yourself with this list of just what you’ve made happen in 2017 and the impact you’ve had in your own life, as well as that of others!

Happy writing and as always, be kind ❤️


10 thoughts on “The End Of Another Year…Reflect And Be Kind To You

  1. This is a good time to take stock and reflect on our current projects. Build waning confidence so that our dreams and goals for 2018 (right around he corner yikes!) move within our reach. Thanks so much for the timely encouragement!

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  2. Great blog and I’m definitely going to start doing this. Also I am going to keep it safe to read this time next year as a way of reminding and re-centering myself. In the past I have tended to be hard on myself on what I haven’t achieved so this will be a good way to keep positive too!

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