When You Least Expect It…

When you least expect it, life can present something spectacular in your path. Sometimes it doesn’t. But, sometimes, it does. Life is by no means a fairytale, although, it can give you a sprinkle of unexpected magic. The surprise is what makes it so satisfying.

We spend so much time wanting, wishing and expecting that something to happen, we start to convince ourselves it won’t, rather than just letting it, well, happen. When we don’t spend all our time focusing on one thing we would to improve upon in our personal or professional lives, then we can actually relax.

Relaxing is both beneficial for our mind and body, destressing means that when life does throw us that gem, we can enjoy it. OK, enjoying is such a broad word, perhaps savour would be a better way to describe it. We need to focus on the joy we have, celebrate and realise we deserve that happiness.

Making goals is such a productive way to focus on what we want to acheive, but, by no means shall we believe we can truly plan. Nothing ever truly goes to plan. To be honest, a lot of the best things, are ones we never imagined could happen.

Not every day will be “perfect”-so celebrate the unexpected, have a beautiful week and be kind. ❤️


2 thoughts on “When You Least Expect It…

  1. I have to constantly remind myself to live in the moment and not focus so much on what I want to happen. It usually just leads to frustration and disappointment! Thank you for sharing this!

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