Start Listening To Your Body..It’s Very Wise

You might be shouting “Yes that’s obvious” but realistically how many of us ignore how we are feeling physically, so as to not interrupt our lives? We often convince ourselves in the Arts, the world will cease turning, unless we have that casting meeting ASAP, or answer an email within 30 seconds.

I will let you in to a little secret…The world WILL NOT stop if you have a rest. You are not “slacking” or lacking ambition, you are looking after yourself. Self preservation is so important, you can’t take care of anything else in your life, if you are not feeling your best.

Getting a good nights sleep, has a different meaning for everyone, but is so vital in making sure you are regenerating each night, as is eating a balanced diet. Our body will tell us when we need sleep and to eat the foods it requires, we just need to pay attention to it, just as we do our phone.

Doing things that benefit you every day, will make you more in tune with what your body is telling you. If your voice is feeling tired when you are rehearsing a song and your higher register is just not happening, it means you should stop immediately. As an artist, we need to value our instrument-our bodies.

Let’s start showing some self-love and listen to our bodies, like we would a friend in need. Have a beautiful day and be kind. ❤️


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