Comparison Leads To Discontent

Social Media can be such a valuable marketing tool in the Arts, it can also be a destructive one. Let’s get straight to the issue, human nature means we look at posts/tweets/photo’s and compare ourselves to others. We think that everyone has achieved so very much and are having an idylic life. Let me tell you…This is not true!

Think of social media as a rose tinted window, where everything it contains is well, rosy. Even the most horrifically sad post or tweet, is ten times better than it’s reality. Social Media masks so much reality, we are left believing the standard it portrays, is to which we aspire. It can seem like everyone is getting ahead in the Arts and their personal life, but this is not at all the case. No-one is a superhero, we all have our own personal hurdles.

Be happy for fellow creatives and support their career, but don’t take the illusion of a tweet or photo as gospel. Focus on you and your goals, which make you an individual. Everyone is different and this needs to be celebrated, rather than seen as a competition. Start believing in you and your own story-what you have to offer the world.

Have a beautiful Easter Weekend and be kind. 💜


Want What you Can’t Have…Sound Familiar?

When you have it, you are like Speedy Gonzales, running in the opposite direction. When you don’t have it anymore, you are like Speedy Gonzales, chasing it. What am I referring to as “it” here? Well, just about anything.

As humans, we can automatically tell how much we need something, when it’s no longer within our reach. Missing something we can’t have, due to ourselves or others actions, can feel unbearable. Whether it be a personal relationship or something in our career, whatever it is, we need to address the issue and remember why we don’t have it in our life anymore.

Here are things below you need to bare in mind:

What do you REALLY need?

Remember what you DO have

These two sentences are short, but to the point and will help us think about what we need, rather than want. This differentiation is so important, sometimes we listen to what we think we want, rather than what our mind and body needs, to be nourished.

It’s a cliche, but so true, everything happens for a reason-just because we no longer have what we once did, doesn’t mean we need it anymore or less. Rose-tinted memories are so easy to visualise, but we need to focus on the future and what we need from that.

Have a beautiful day and be kind ❤️