Small Changes Can Make A Big Difference To Your Happiness

When you aren’t happy, you know you’re not, others know it too, but still it’s so easy to brush it under the carpet.

Things will get better..No they don’t

It will pass, just give it time..This won’t happen

This feeling of discontent has happened before...So that means try to prevent it happening again

Ultimately we all want to be happy and making small changes to our lives, can make all the difference. These small changes below are positive ones, which will contribute to us, at the very least, feeling enlightened and a little more joyful.

Distance yourself from negativity

Doing exactly those four words will make a huge difference! If someone or something is a constant huge grey cloud, a toxic energy, then know when to distance yourself for your own good. Being kind to yourself, is so very important.

Making Time For YOU

When you have a career in the Arts, like myself, you are fundamentally a freelancer. This means you seem to be on auto-pilot, thinking constantly about the next gig or project. Take time to relax when you are feeling the pressure-whether it be listening to music or reading a chapter of the book you keep meaning to pick up…

Which leads me on to..READING

Printed copy or Audio book, I can’t recommend this enough. From personal experience, there is nothing more relaxing and takes you to a clearer mind frame, than a good book. Relaxing means you are not in a state of stress or exhaustion and can make decisions, in a more positive happier state.

Hope these small changes, can lead to a big change and a happier you. Have a beautiful day and be kind ❤️

No Spring In Your Step?

All those exciting plans for 2018 may have expired at the end of January and the ‘April Showers’ may be dampening your mood, but don’t feel disheartened. Here are some ideas to help rejuvinate you, at this transition in to Spring, which is a season of growth and a warm-up to Summer, talking of which…

1. Nature truly is amazing, just looking at flowers, on a jaunt, will instantly brighten your mood. If you can buy your own, then putting them in a vase in your home, will brighten the space and you!

2. A New Activity can work wonders, whether it be re-discovering the joy of a good book or perhaps drawing. Finding time to do what you enjoy, can be a wonderful way to unwind from daily stress.

3. Trying a New Cuisine might seem an obvious suggestion (to my fellow foodies at least), but sometimes it’s so easy to get in a continuous rotuine of eating the same sort of food..So be adventurous!

4. Having a Good Night’s Sleep is so vital, with keeping us alert and refreshed every single day, so make sure you are having a good night’s sleep. Stop checking your social media so frequently, as this will definitely equal a better night’s sleep.

Wishing you a beautiful day and be kind. 💜

Photo Credit: Kathy Trevelyan