Create Your Own Path

How many times, have we been in a position, where we are waiting for the green-light for a creative project? Wait, wait, wait and wait some more, in fact, it can feel most of our life is waiting for the magic to happen. Not just in our lives as artists, but all aspects of our World.

We might not like to admit it, but we expect the extraordinary to come to us, that sprinkle of unicorn glitter. We need to be realising, as wonderful fate can be, we need to make things happen ourselves.

Make things happen? You are probably wondering what that means. Well that is completely up to you. We are all different and have individual goals, so what we want to acheive, will be completely different to anothers ambition. This is what is so wonderful about individuality.

Doing things your own way, will utimately let you be in control of your career and means you are being pro-active, thinking outside of the box. I can not advocate thinking outside of the box enough, especially in the Arts!

Ultimately, learning to rely on yourself and your intuition is vital, as we only have ourselves in all situations, so we need to learn to listen to our intuition and do what makes us happy. Being happy is what we should aspire to feel, which meams being kind to ourselves, as well as others.

Have a beautiful day and be kind. 💜