“Treat” Yourself Every Day

Why do we use the word treat to talk about something we enjoy? It’s almost implying that it’s forbidden or only allowed on certain occasions. If you fancy a hot chocolate or a cappuccino, have one, unless of course you have an allergy or medical condition affected by it. If you want to see that new show midweek, go and see it.

Being kind to ourselves is so important, restrictions of what we enjoy is not going to make us happy, in fact it does the opposite. Guilty pleasures implies just that, that you are guilty of something. Even if a certain band are widely considered the cheesiest to have ever existed, if you enjoy their music, then that’s your choice. We are all individuals with different thoughts and tastes, so lets celebrate that.

Sometimes, by forbidding something, it makes us want it a whole lot MORE. The saying “Want what you can’t have” is always relevant. Perhaps it is just human nature, but something being off limits, makes it that so much more enticing.

I am going to have a slice of Banana bread and a cup of tea now ❤