Who Said The Arts Was Glamorous?

Madonna once said Strike a pose! This phrase from her track Vogue, epitomises the image of vintage Hollywood. We would all like to wake up to a lifestyle of luxurious elegance now again, who wouldn’t? But the reality is, although our life in the Arts, might sound pretty glam, it’s far from it. From an external perspective, it seems being a creative conjures up an image, that really doesn’t exist.

As much as I love the unpredictable nature of what I do, when nothing is a given, sometimes, the only certainty, is that I will be sitting eating a marmite bagel, whilst watching Bargain Hunt and plotting my next move. We all experience times like that and anyone who says they are busy continously, is not telling you the whole truth.

These quiet times, is where we really have to create some magic. The phone isn’t ringing, so we make our own ringing, devise our own work. What I mean by that, is for example, performimg our own writing or producing a concert, as a platform for our skills.

As I always say..

Create your own fairytale

Motivating ourselves when we have bills to pay can be difficult, as a sense of panic can take over. We are human afterall. Flexible other jobs, that understand what we do, are rare. I’m lucky enough to work in the Arts full-time, but that doesn’t mean I don’t do short periods of temp admin/reception now and again, when things are on the quiet/tumbleweed side!

The more we are honest with ourselves, as well as others, the more we can help each other realise, we are all in the same boat and should give support and kindness.

Hope you are having a beautiful day and be kind. 💜

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