The Only Mate In The Group Who ‘Does The Acting Thing’

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I hate to say it, and I don’t know why I hate to say it, but I’ve been heavily involved in performing since as long as I can remember (haven’t we all) but it’s true. When you’re a kid, it’s all about the showing off and I suppose, you are putting on a constant performance for everyone around you, that stems from your brilliant imagination. Like, making dens from bed sheets and forcing your siblings to hide in there, until you slay the roaring dragons back into their fiery pits, all that sort of thing.

Life happens and hormones spring up on you like an annoying little imp on your shoulders all through your teens, chopping and changing your mood and what’s important to you. Singing and making up stories was always important to me throughout my teenage years, more so than drinking cider on parks and boys etc, although I did invest some time in that, as well as some horrific hairstyle choices.

I’ve always been the only mate in the friendship group who does the acting thing, which is great when you are young without a care in the world, or any reality of what being an actor is actually like. I just wanted to look like one of the Pussy Cat Dolls and that was that.

When you hit your twenty’s and begin serious work on your future arrangements, these playful ideals switch up, people change and leave, you meet new and exciting people, and so on. I have always had a tiny feeling of indifference when it comes to my social circle. My friends have supported productions I have been in by coming to watch, but you still feel like no one really ‘gets it’. Making friends with fellow performers is usually (unless they are the evil diva type) bloody brilliant, with an instant connection because you share your biggest passion. I found this to always be the case, especially at university when I studied Music Theatre and again, at drama school when I studied my masters in acting.

Everything is so dramatic because an MA at drama school is usually just a year, so everything is crammed in and friendships blossom at a rapid rate, usually when you have your head shoved right near someone’s bottom or arm pit during a rigorous session of rolling around on the floor. Once you leave, everyone disperses and goes back to the grind of life with endless promises and whatsapps like OMG I MISS U SO MUCH, COFFEE SOON? Which of course, amounts to nothing when were all out here trying to get that break.

If your friends don’t share your passion and drive, that is totally cool as we all have our different lifestyle choices but it can be a lonely old road if you haven’t got people you love and trust to share it with you. Social media, for all of its faults, has been an absolutely brilliant tool for me to get to know other like-minded people, share ideas and even just say hello. There are so many great castings popping up on Twitter, as well as Instagram, so this is a good place to start if you’re feeling a little alone.

Ps. You are not alone! We are all in the same boat.

Here are some things I have realised over time about being ‘that’ mate who does the acting….

  • It’s normal to feel angry towards your friends because you feel like they don’t give a hoot
  • Whether they do or they don’t, its pointless to feel these neg feelings. Put this focus into yourself because it DOES NOT MATTER what any one else thinks as long as you are happy
  • Stop relying on others to generate happiness or any sort of gratification when it comes to your life choices
  • You are working your butt off and you should be proud of that
  • Keep hold of those who have your back

Georgia Tuohey

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