Create Your Own Sunshine..


Right now in the UK it’s raining and not very warm (shock, horror), so I felt inspired to think of some ideas to bring some of our own sunshine in to our lives. What I mean by ‘sunshine’, is that the Summer brings feelings of relaxation and optimism, something which is always needed throughout the year.

Here are a few tips..

Eat plenty of Fruit and Veg

Not only is this a must for your physical health, but eating food packed with nutrients will also help boost your mood, metabolism and will make you feel that more Summer chill.

Spend time outdoors

OK, I am not advocating that you should be walking around in the pouring rain and cold, eating a soggy sandwich, but just because there is a light drizzle or temperatures are not record breaking, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy nature and have a little exercise at the same time. Remember to always wear sun protection, even when the sun is not visible.

Keep Hydrated 

Increasing your water intake is so beneficial for your overall health, not to mention it will help with concentration and is AMAZING for your skin.


This might sound obvious, but believe me, it really is not! Just spending time doing what you love and helps you to unwind, can really bring that much needed sunshine in to your life. De-stressing is the kindest thing you can do for yourself.

Have a beautiful day and be kind ♥







Mid-Year Slump? Embrace It


Yes, you read the title right. We can all feel that mid-year slump at about this time, after beginning the year with so many hopes and goals. That sinking feeling and lack of motivation that can be felt at the mid-point of the year, isn’t necessarily a bad thing though…

It’s a wake-up call

By ‘wake-up call’, I don’t mean make drastic life decisions or begin doubting your achievements, but realize that this is an opportunity to start from scratch or step up your plans. Knowing what you need to do, also can mean taking a rest. Listening to your body and mind is the best thing we can do for ourselves.

Comparisons of ourselves with others and their journey through life, is NEVER constructive, even when it is someone we admire. Try not to look on social media and others ‘achievements’ as a guide to what you feel your life should be, you are unique and that is always your biggest asset.

Knowing that every day is a chance to work towards goals, is so important. Putting pressure on ourselves, helps absolutely nothing at all. It just causes stress and being flustered is a state where we can’t be productive. Why put yourself under that kind of anxiety, be kind to you. Being kind to ourselves, as well as others, is something I can’t repeat enough.

And Remember…

So what if it is June? We are doing amazing things every single day and we need to celebrate this!

Have a beautiful day and be kind ♥