Don’t Be Harsh On Yourself

None of us are perfect. This is because, in fact, the whole idea of perfection does not exist, it is simply something we have constructed ourselves. So why do we still pick every aspect of our being apart? Because we are human. We are angry for being too harsh on ourselves, which means, that we then create one big vicious circle.

Lets start finding positives, rather than negatives about who we are. Here are some ideas, on how we can start showing some self-love:

1. Think of an activity that you enjoy doing and name something positive you contribute to it- whether it be enthusiasm or perseverance, believe me, the fact you have such a passion for it, will make this task easy. Once you think of one thing, you will start to find other unique qualities, you bring to the table too.

2. Have a break, even if it’s a ten minute one, from that script you’re writing or song you are rehearsing. Don’t push yourself too much, being relaxed and fresh, will give your work the direction it needs.

3. Treat yourself to that new cake in the bakery or a new book you have wanted to read, but keeping walking past the shop window, with the excuse you haven’t got time. Make time to try new things and to replenish your body and soul.

4. Be Kind to you 💜


Start Listening To Your Body..It’s Very Wise

You might be shouting “Yes that’s obvious” but realistically how many of us ignore how we are feeling physically, so as to not interrupt our lives? We often convince ourselves in the Arts, the world will cease turning, unless we have that casting meeting ASAP, or answer an email within 30 seconds.

I will let you in to a little secret…The world WILL NOT stop if you have a rest. You are not “slacking” or lacking ambition, you are looking after yourself. Self preservation is so important, you can’t take care of anything else in your life, if you are not feeling your best.

Getting a good nights sleep, has a different meaning for everyone, but is so vital in making sure you are regenerating each night, as is eating a balanced diet. Our body will tell us when we need sleep and to eat the foods it requires, we just need to pay attention to it, just as we do our phone.

Doing things that benefit you every day, will make you more in tune with what your body is telling you. If your voice is feeling tired when you are rehearsing a song and your higher register is just not happening, it means you should stop immediately. As an artist, we need to value our instrument-our bodies.

Let’s start showing some self-love and listen to our bodies, like we would a friend in need. Have a beautiful day and be kind. ❤️

January..To Me-uary

Two weeks in to January and let’s be honest, the resolution got left in resolutionville, about ten days ago. We all make them, we all say we will never make them again, but we still do. Being human, striving to change something and wanting to improve, are high up on the new year agenda, but what if we spend that time instead, on appreciating ourselves?

Appreciating ourselves is not being self-absorbed, its taking time to recharge our batteries, to consider what we want for the rest of the year ahead and be kind to ourselves. Throwing ourselves head first in to this year, won’t be productive. Of course be motivated and make our goals come true, but only when you are ready. Looking at what you have acheived, helps you decide what is next, but most importantly enjoy the moment.

Taking time out is always OK, never second thought this, being in the Arts is not a job but for life. Sometimes, it’s easy to forget that we all need a break, to inspire and motivate us even more. Deciding on our next project or a direction for our lives, is not simple. It means we need to nurture ourselves, learn and grow.

Doing what is right for you, is always going to be different to someone elses life, so please try not to compare (yes, we all do it). You are unique, draw on your strengths and dont focus harshly on what you see as ‘weakness’, as this doesn’t exist. Instead, this is in fact just an area to improve upon in your life, but at your own pace, always.

Have a beautiful day and be kind 💜<<<<<<<

When You Least Expect It…

When you least expect it, life can present something spectacular in your path. Sometimes it doesn’t. But, sometimes, it does. Life is by no means a fairytale, although, it can give you a sprinkle of unexpected magic. The surprise is what makes it so satisfying.

We spend so much time wanting, wishing and expecting that something to happen, we start to convince ourselves it won’t, rather than just letting it, well, happen. When we don’t spend all our time focusing on one thing we would to improve upon in our personal or professional lives, then we can actually relax.

Relaxing is both beneficial for our mind and body, destressing means that when life does throw us that gem, we can enjoy it. OK, enjoying is such a broad word, perhaps savour would be a better way to describe it. We need to focus on the joy we have, celebrate and realise we deserve that happiness.

Making goals is such a productive way to focus on what we want to acheive, but, by no means shall we believe we can truly plan. Nothing ever truly goes to plan. To be honest, a lot of the best things, are ones we never imagined could happen.

Not every day will be “perfect”-so celebrate the unexpected, have a beautiful week and be kind. ❤️

The End Of Another Year…Reflect And Be Kind To You

With just over two weeks until New Year, at the time of writing this article (yes I know there is Christmas to come yet), I wanted to write about the transition in to 2018.


I know that entering another year, can be a time, where we, especially as artists, can analyse what we have achieved. In fact, as human beings we do that- everything should have fallen in to place, but it has not. Christmas is a time that can remind us of things we are missing in our lives and the New Year approaching, seems to magnify this.

To boost our own morale, let’s write down one thing every day until the 31st December, that we are proud to have achieved in our lives this year. Remember nothing is too big or small, this is something personal to you and is intended to be a list, that on the last day of 2017, you can look at and smile.

It may be performing that song, you’ve always wanted to sing to an audience, for the first time, or cooking that intricate recipe, you’ve always held back on making. You will surprise yourself with this list of just what you’ve made happen in 2017 and the impact you’ve had in your own life, as well as that of others!

Happy writing and as always, be kind ❤️

Keeping Your Body And Soul Warm This Winter

Late Autumn and now with Winter approaching, can be a busy time work-wise as a creative, what with concerts and panto to name just a few! As well as working, we need to make time for ourselves and to enjoy this time of year, as well as a festive break- if you can’t at Christmas when can you? This means looking after yourself so you can do both, as being under the weather, is just a given for this time of year, so take extra care of yourself. Here are some tips to enjoy this Winter and to be kind to your mind and body.

Hot Drinks

Who doesn’t like a nice warm hot chocolate or a trusty cup of tea? Keeping yourself warm and hydrated is important, so why not have a herbal tea or a hot water and lemon alternating with your favourite latte or frothy hot chocolate. Herbal tea is packed with antioxidants and will leave your throat less dry than normal tea, not to mention many are caffeine free, which is a bonus.

Wear a Scarf

There is no real point wearing a cosy coat, hat and gloves if your neck is all bare. Be snug and warm, look after your throat as it needs a lot of TLC. If you are a singer/actor you are constantly using your vocal chords…so give it some attention!


I know it’s midnight, your phone is flashing and you want to check social media to see how many retweets your most recent tweet received or to look at cute baby otters (maybe that’s just me), but you will thank yourself in the long run for focusing on sleeping, as it is so vital to keep you alert, healthy and feeling your best.


Nothing beats a good book, a bubble bath or just a walk to appreciate nature, remember, the best things in life are always free. Whatever you do to clear your mind and unwind, then do it, relax.

Have a beautiful day and as always, be kind ❤️

Self-Confidence…What’s It All About?

I’m not going to quote you a dictionary definition of the word confidence, as we all have our own definition and everyone’s is individual to them. Self-confidence often gets a negative reaction, it’s as if having belief in yourself, is a bad thing. I would say it’s definitely not. Having self-confidence in moderation, is the key, the right balance makes you not seem, perhaps, arrogant.

What I want to explore in this article, is the concept of a facade, that in the Arts we often seem to have, of being happy-go-lucky and loving life. I often get told I am a confident person, but I would definitely say I seem it, as I wouldn’t say I’m a consistently confident one. I do have a relatively high level of confidence, but a lot of the time I am like everyone else and just blagging it! I go to an audition or a meeting and I’m the most confident version of myself, pure and simple, but I’m still myself.

This leads to my next point and something I emphasise a lot in Frantastic View, be yourself. Always. Being yourself and confident go hand-in-hand believe it or not. You can be both confident and maintain your personality and individuality, as I want to get across is confidence is not an ugly trait.

Here are some pointers for feeling that extra confidence, when perhaps you are feeling at a low ebb:

Remember there is only one you in this world, so don’t compare yourself to others, be the best version of you.

Never let anyone dent belief in what you can achieve, we do that to ourselves enough, without letting anyone else destroy our self esteem.

Talk about it, if you are feeling your confidence is at a real low point, then please share this with someone you trust.

Hope you have a beautiful week 💜

Frantastic View Has Been Nominated For A Blogger Recognition Award

I am very overwhelmed, as well as extremely humbled, that my blog Frantastic View, has been nominated for a Blogger Recognition Award by and would just like to say a huge thanks for this nomination.

I started Frantastic View in 2015, originally as a theatre reviewing blog, but I soon realised as much as I enjoyed reviewing, I was being asked to guest review on other theatre blogs, so I wanted to make Frantastic View something more personalised. It was apparent, there weren’t too many blogs that were writing about life in the Arts and trying to inspire other creatives, so I wanted to show other artists that they weren’t alone and had support. I’ve written a range of topics on self validation to pre-show snacking! This year I also introduced a guest blog series from a range of artists from Lucy Basaba to SallyAnn Fellowes, with wonderful articles aimed to inspire.

Advice I would give to new bloggers is find your niche and stay true to yourself! If you want to write about something, then do it! If your blog article is about your evening of eating pizza and watching Strictly, then do it, that’s your truth and to be honest a lot of readers will probably relate!

Bloggers I would like to nominate: This theatre blog is so supportive in its reviews and conducts such wonderful interviews with theatre makers. Such a supportive blog, with artists from a range of different genres featuring on it from stage to TV, making it very unique and exciting. Theatrefullstop are such a theatrical powerhouse whilst maintaining a platform to new writing and emerging artists. This blog is also a champion of new theatre writing and are always maintaining a positivity. This Stuff Is Golden is a mental health blog, that has articles on a range of inspiring topics we can all relate.

Never Lose A Sense Of Excitement

Whether it’s the butterflies you feel on a first date, or the sense of adrenalin before that audition, this is what makes life that bit, well, exciting. It is so easy to dwell on negatives, that we forget to let ourselves experience, which is a result of sensations and feelings, which make them unforgettable.

If you are feeling like that spark of electricity in your life needs to be reignited, sometimes it’s actually our own selves preventing it. Constant comparisons and criticisms we make of every part of our own being is exhausting! We drain ourselves and others, because if we don’t want to hear our own negativity, chances are others closest to us, will not either.

Letting go of negative energy in our lives, is a daunting prospect, as the sources of it may not have always been that way, but once a crack in the foundation appears, it will just keep getting bigger. Whatever it is causing you not to let yourself experience happiness, is not worth holding on to, simply distance yourself from it.

Never be led to believe anything is too trivial or not worthy of your joy. Find the source of that joy and let it show you, just what it is that makes you smile. Smiling is your way of expressing a sense of excitement, if you want to be estatic about hot chocolate with a marshmallow on top, then go for it!

Hope this article has brought some kind of excitement…or at least a smile, thanks for reading and have a wonderful day 💜

Guest Blog-From Actress Sallyann Fellowes

I have something to confess- I have never written a blog before.
I know what a blog is so I resorted to Google. It says
“a regularly updated website or web page, typically one run by an individual or small group, that is written in an informal or conversational style.”
Ok thanks- that tells me Nothing.
I guess that makes me a blog virgin as I am at the moment a comedy virgin- so the two virgins types can sit together and eat chips. There’s probably a joke there but I have comedy constipation at this precise moment.

I am an ex nurse ex police officer who turned to acting after I got injured on duty in the police and I retired because of my health, or lack of it. In June this year I did a stand-up comedy course at the London School of Comedy in Camden. They’re a lovely bunch and they do brilliant things in the community to tackle knife crime and help mentor young people whose start has not been the best. What’s not to like? Plus I had already booked and paid for a slot at the Edinburgh Festival to do a show that I hadn’t actually written yet.

I’d never done any sort of stand-up comedy and I had never been to Edinburgh.
What could possibly go wrong?
Here comes another confession (fellow lapsed Catholics will see a familiar pattern here). Whenever I had seen a stand up show the sight of the empty stage with a microphone was like a very strong magnet and I have to sit on my hands.
I always wanted to run up and say something (I never actually did it) – I realise this is weird and probably has a long name and involves visits to a psychiatrist.

So the course was really helpful and I wrote the show, did a preview of it, plus a couple of open mics then went to Edinburgh.
When I told my Dad he said no-one will come, then after a minute the word “unfortunately” so a nice bit of compassion there to lighten the kiss of doom, thanks Dad.
My Mum said I’m just worried you’ll die either on stage or actually just die.
Great thanks Mum.

I can confirm I didnt do either. The audience did laugh and hopefully not out of pity. A few people came up afterwards to tell me they loved the show. I’ve done a few spots in other people’s shows since and the Out of the Blue show is at Tribeca Basement in Manchester, for the Women in Comedy Festival on October 24th at 7pm. You have been warned. Oh and theres a bar and theres lots of other funny women doing their stuff too.

Theres been some fab gigs and of course not so fab- including one where there was no light! I am not even joking it was like being in a dungeon. A woman tried to sell me a bottle of knocked off champagne in the toilets when I said No thanks I was alright, she said I can get you any pills you want! I thought one guy was heckling me, so I went nearer to hear what he was saying and he was on his phone! Another instance, a bloke heckled me through a window while he was smoking a cigarette comedy gold! The audience were all rolling drunk and another woman tried to take the MCs mic- shouting that she wanted to make a stand against political correctness.

After that I tried to find that woman with the pills but she’d gone (I’m joking).
Thanks for reading guys if you’re in Manchester on 24th October I would love to see you at my show.