Quirks That Make Us, Simply, Human

Let’s be honest, the things that make us only human, the quirks, are not always seen by ourselves as positives. Although, in fact, they can be what make life a little more interesting and a bit more fun. We need to try and embrace these quirks, here are just a few of them…


We all have diffetent kinds of humour and triggers that will give us the giggles. Whether it be wicked, naughty, dark or dry, (the list goes on), we all should celebrate what causes us to laugh and makes us happy, as well as those around us.

Falling Over In Public

This is when we really have to just laugh at ourselves and really take it in our stride (unless you are injured of course!). At the very least, we have perhaps brought a smile to someone, with our acrobatic display!

Eye Make-Up

One eye is going to qualify for the Turner Prize and the other, is never going to make it (no pun intended). I am referring the age old mystery, of why you apply make-up to one eye, just the way you want it, but the other eye never completely manages to be emulated. The answer to the mystery is that… I have to reveal there is no answer, you can never clone one eye’s look precisely, indivuality is an awesome thing!

First Date Nerves

You have managed to get a date with THE person of your dreams…THEN you get so nervous, you talk so much and you dont manage to eat anything, even though you love Italian food! We have all had this happen. Butterflies are natural and the adrenalin can cause us to chat a lot, but that’s a good thing, chatting is always good to put you at ease.

Have a beautiful day and be kind. 💜