Love Your Work-Be Happy

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to be happy and do a job they love? Is this realistic? ABSOLUTELY.

We have to work hard, to achieve our dreams and to be able to live the life we want, especially in the Arts. If we want something, we have to focus ourselves on that goal, to make it happen.

Knowing what doesn’t set our soul on fire, is wonderful motivation, to make us want to have that spark set alight inside ourselves. Keeping that thought in the back of your mind, helps you to keep on reaching for your dreams.

Visualising that job you know will make you happy, is a brilliant start, but writing a list of all the reasons it will, is a great incentive. Having a list, to keep reminding you of what you are working towards, really works!

Have a beautiful day and be kind ❤️


Looking Forward To Autumn Already?

If the answer to the above title is yes, then guess what? Me too! There is something so beautiful about the transition from Summer to Autumn, especially in terms of nature. Golden coloured crunchy leaves, seem to symbolise the change in season, but there is also an air of new opportunities, as well as the chance to wind down the year. In fact, you can make Autumn what ever you want it to be for you.

Here are some of my favourite things to get me in the Autumnal mood:

Hot Chocolate (with a Marshmallow on top)

A large mug of hot chocolate with a marshmallow floating on top…Need I say more?

Strictly Come Dancing

This has become an annual event, that signifies Autumn. The anticipation of seeing which well known figure will be on the show and be partnered with which pro, is pretty exciting, even if you aren’t a dancer yourself. Sitting on the sofa or in bed, watching the show, is the perfect way to spend a chilly evening.

Jaunts In The Crunchy Leaves

That sound. The crisp, crunch of leaves as you walk on them, is a beautiful sound. Being around nature, can really help you relax and unwind. Taking time out of our general busy and sometimes stressful lives, can work wonders.

Chiller (Chilling Thriller) Book

I LOVE to read, there is nothing that compares to curling up with a good book or audio book. A good book can be read just about anywhere and transport you to a different world. During the Autumn and Winter especially, I enjoy a chilling thriller, such as ones by Susan Hill. Definitely check out your local library, there are so many books in them, just waiting for you to read!


A cup of tea and a slice of cake…This is dreamy right?

Here are also some Autumnal cake alternatives to satisfy your sweet tooth, that are perfect for snacking (the 3 D’s).

Dried fruit eg banana chips and apricots


Dark Chocolate

Have a beautiful day and be kind 💜

Create Your Own Path

How many times, have we been in a position, where we are waiting for the green-light for a creative project? Wait, wait, wait and wait some more, in fact, it can feel most of our life is waiting for the magic to happen. Not just in our lives as artists, but all aspects of our World.

We might not like to admit it, but we expect the extraordinary to come to us, that sprinkle of unicorn glitter. We need to be realising, as wonderful fate can be, we need to make things happen ourselves.

Make things happen? You are probably wondering what that means. Well that is completely up to you. We are all different and have individual goals, so what we want to acheive, will be completely different to anothers ambition. This is what is so wonderful about individuality.

Doing things your own way, will utimately let you be in control of your career and means you are being pro-active, thinking outside of the box. I can not advocate thinking outside of the box enough, especially in the Arts!

Ultimately, learning to rely on yourself and your intuition is vital, as we only have ourselves in all situations, so we need to learn to listen to our intuition and do what makes us happy. Being happy is what we should aspire to feel, which meams being kind to ourselves, as well as others.

Have a beautiful day and be kind. 💜

Being A Creative Isn’t A Sprint

How often do we read a new social media post, that makes us question our worth, as an artist, due to it’s content? A lot. We see what others are seemingly working on, which always appears to be much more than us, instead of realising it’s quality, rather than quantity, that should be our main aim (easier said than done).

We are our own boss as creatives and we might not always feel like it, but we are also our own product. We are the only ones, that can build our own career path in the Arts. Of course, collaboration is vital, but we need to focus on ourselves and what works for us. Perhaps, learning lines for one show, worked well with one method, but for another, you need a totally different approach.

We shouldn’t be hard on ourselves and our progress, as every project is different. One new play might flow and another might be bursts of inspiration, followed by sitting eating snacks and watching a box set. Be true to yourself, this is you unwinding and having some Me Time.

Why is Me Time so important? It gives us time to obtain whatever we need, be it time to think, or to rejuvenate. This time is vital as a human being, as well as a creative. Giving ourselves space to unwind and remember what makes you tick, is what we all need.

Have a beautiful day and be kind 💜

Nominations Open For The 2018 International Achievement Recognition Awards

Nominations for the UK’s fifth International Achievement Recognition Awards (IARAs) are now open to the public until Monday, 11 June 2018.

Renowned for celebrating outstanding talent, pioneering initiatives and hard work within theatre, music, TV, film and fashion, the IARAs continue to champion diversity, inclusion and equality in the competitive world of arts and entertainment.

Founded in 2014 by Helen Imuaphe, the awards programme provides a fair playing field for all, acknowledging role models and rising stars who have excelled within their creative industries irrespective of race, age or gender.

Imuaphe commented, “Every year the IARAs go from strength-to-strength and I am proud of our new generation of leaders who are embracing the awards. Our aim is to propel the UK’s pipeline of talent to new heights and continue to motivate and inspire the next generation.

‘The IARAs are inclusive at every level, and for the very first year we are offering apprentice schemes to students and graduates seeking experience in stage and event management. They will be able to assist IARAs production team in the planning of this year’s awards ceremony and gain an industry recognised qualification upon completion.

‘Following the huge success of the awards last year I am looking forward to expanding our operation for 2018 and encourage anyone who knows a great arts and entertainment talent to nominate.”

Upon nomination closure on Monday, 11 June 2018 the candidates who receive the most votes will comprise the awards shortlist. Public voting will resume on Tuesday, 10 July 2018 for approximately one month until Monday, 13 August 2018, at which stage the votes will be counted and the winners announced at the awards’ gala dinner and prize giving on Saturday, 22 September 2018 at the Hilton London Canary Wharf Hotel.

For further information on the nomination process, to book tickets and to find out more about the IARAs please visit

Quirks That Make Us, Simply, Human

Let’s be honest, the things that make us only human, the quirks, are not always seen by ourselves as positives. Although, in fact, they can be what make life a little more interesting and a bit more fun. We need to try and embrace these quirks, here are just a few of them…


We all have diffetent kinds of humour and triggers that will give us the giggles. Whether it be wicked, naughty, dark or dry, (the list goes on), we all should celebrate what causes us to laugh and makes us happy, as well as those around us.

Falling Over In Public

This is when we really have to just laugh at ourselves and really take it in our stride (unless you are injured of course!). At the very least, we have perhaps brought a smile to someone, with our acrobatic display!

Eye Make-Up

One eye is going to qualify for the Turner Prize and the other, is never going to make it (no pun intended). I am referring the age old mystery, of why you apply make-up to one eye, just the way you want it, but the other eye never completely manages to be emulated. The answer to the mystery is that… I have to reveal there is no answer, you can never clone one eye’s look precisely, indivuality is an awesome thing!

First Date Nerves

You have managed to get a date with THE person of your dreams…THEN you get so nervous, you talk so much and you dont manage to eat anything, even though you love Italian food! We have all had this happen. Butterflies are natural and the adrenalin can cause us to chat a lot, but that’s a good thing, chatting is always good to put you at ease.

Have a beautiful day and be kind. 💜

Small Changes Can Make A Big Difference To Your Happiness

When you aren’t happy, you know you’re not, others know it too, but still it’s so easy to brush it under the carpet.

Things will get better..No they don’t

It will pass, just give it time..This won’t happen

This feeling of discontent has happened before...So that means try to prevent it happening again

Ultimately we all want to be happy and making small changes to our lives, can make all the difference. These small changes below are positive ones, which will contribute to us, at the very least, feeling enlightened and a little more joyful.

Distance yourself from negativity

Doing exactly those four words will make a huge difference! If someone or something is a constant huge grey cloud, a toxic energy, then know when to distance yourself for your own good. Being kind to yourself, is so very important.

Making Time For YOU

When you have a career in the Arts, like myself, you are fundamentally a freelancer. This means you seem to be on auto-pilot, thinking constantly about the next gig or project. Take time to relax when you are feeling the pressure-whether it be listening to music or reading a chapter of the book you keep meaning to pick up…

Which leads me on to..READING

Printed copy or Audio book, I can’t recommend this enough. From personal experience, there is nothing more relaxing and takes you to a clearer mind frame, than a good book. Relaxing means you are not in a state of stress or exhaustion and can make decisions, in a more positive happier state.

Hope these small changes, can lead to a big change and a happier you. Have a beautiful day and be kind ❤️

No Spring In Your Step?

All those exciting plans for 2018 may have expired at the end of January and the ‘April Showers’ may be dampening your mood, but don’t feel disheartened. Here are some ideas to help rejuvinate you, at this transition in to Spring, which is a season of growth and a warm-up to Summer, talking of which…

1. Nature truly is amazing, just looking at flowers, on a jaunt, will instantly brighten your mood. If you can buy your own, then putting them in a vase in your home, will brighten the space and you!

2. A New Activity can work wonders, whether it be re-discovering the joy of a good book or perhaps drawing. Finding time to do what you enjoy, can be a wonderful way to unwind from daily stress.

3. Trying a New Cuisine might seem an obvious suggestion (to my fellow foodies at least), but sometimes it’s so easy to get in a continuous rotuine of eating the same sort of food..So be adventurous!

4. Having a Good Night’s Sleep is so vital, with keeping us alert and refreshed every single day, so make sure you are having a good night’s sleep. Stop checking your social media so frequently, as this will definitely equal a better night’s sleep.

Wishing you a beautiful day and be kind. 💜

Photo Credit: Kathy Trevelyan

Comparison Leads To Discontent

Social Media can be such a valuable marketing tool in the Arts, it can also be a destructive one. Let’s get straight to the issue, human nature means we look at posts/tweets/photo’s and compare ourselves to others. We think that everyone has achieved so very much and are having an idylic life. Let me tell you…This is not true!

Think of social media as a rose tinted window, where everything it contains is well, rosy. Even the most horrifically sad post or tweet, is ten times better than it’s reality. Social Media masks so much reality, we are left believing the standard it portrays, is to which we aspire. It can seem like everyone is getting ahead in the Arts and their personal life, but this is not at all the case. No-one is a superhero, we all have our own personal hurdles.

Be happy for fellow creatives and support their career, but don’t take the illusion of a tweet or photo as gospel. Focus on you and your goals, which make you an individual. Everyone is different and this needs to be celebrated, rather than seen as a competition. Start believing in you and your own story-what you have to offer the world.

Have a beautiful Easter Weekend and be kind. 💜

Want What you Can’t Have…Sound Familiar?

When you have it, you are like Speedy Gonzales, running in the opposite direction. When you don’t have it anymore, you are like Speedy Gonzales, chasing it. What am I referring to as “it” here? Well, just about anything.

As humans, we can automatically tell how much we need something, when it’s no longer within our reach. Missing something we can’t have, due to ourselves or others actions, can feel unbearable. Whether it be a personal relationship or something in our career, whatever it is, we need to address the issue and remember why we don’t have it in our life anymore.

Here are things below you need to bare in mind:

What do you REALLY need?

Remember what you DO have

These two sentences are short, but to the point and will help us think about what we need, rather than want. This differentiation is so important, sometimes we listen to what we think we want, rather than what our mind and body needs, to be nourished.

It’s a cliche, but so true, everything happens for a reason-just because we no longer have what we once did, doesn’t mean we need it anymore or less. Rose-tinted memories are so easy to visualise, but we need to focus on the future and what we need from that.

Have a beautiful day and be kind ❤️